Festival 2018
2018 came around quickly after last years fun at the Keyaki beer festival. Last month we were back again the the massive 1 million people strong festival. So many different types of beers to try I don’t think there was enough hours in the day! Some of our long serving […]

Keyaki Festival 2018

We made our way to the Keyaki beer festival last month. Over 1 million people going through its doors over the entire weekend. It was an experience to remember and we will defiantly be going back near the end of the year to the next one! So many different types […]

Keyaki Festival 2017

Beertopia is Hong Kong’s largest craft beer festival. Started in 2012, the festival is now in its 5th year. The 2015 festival featured over 13,000 attendees at the Central Harbourfront trying over 500 different beers from around the world. Beertopia was started by Jonathan So because there simply weren’t any craft beer festivals, […]

We’re going to BeerTopia 2017!

    At the end of October we at UKtoAsia will be traveling back to Hong Kong to meet with loads of people to make new friends and connections. expect photos live from the events via our Instagram page, and live updates via twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned however for […]

Hong Kong Oct 2016